Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Swimming Bee Update

Jasmine really learned a lot in swimming classes and it was so fun to sit and watch her progress. She went from a little girl that always wanted Mommy and Daddy to hold her in the pool, to a much more independent and calm swimmer.
She jumped into the water by herself - after a little coaxing from me. OK - there was no coaxing - it was a flat out bribe of the worst kind. I promised her candy if she would do it because she was a bit scared. I didn't feel bad pushing her a bit because her teacher was in the water to make sure she was safe. She did it and after that first jump, never hesitated again.She has also started learning freestyle and it is fun to watch her learn how to swim properly. I think I want to keep her in lessons for a while so she can be very confident in the water.