Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cupcake Surprise

When I was a little girl, every time I would get together with my cousin Natalia, we would put on dance shows for the family.  I am sure she will be super happy I am sharing this little tidbit of information with you all - but it is true.  We danced to such hits as Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth and Fresh Prince's Parents Just don't Understand

The girls didn't have school Monday and Tuesday and Monday was a dreary day.  Tuesday, before it was time to go to the park, the girls coerced their father into paying them for a concert.  Natalia, why didn't we ever think of this?  Brilliant!  He gave them a nickel each and they invited us downstairs for a performance.  They called their group Cupcake Surprise (which I thought was an inspired name - yet something else we never did, name our group).

Now, we used to do 1 song for our family, my girls gave us a performance of 4 songs...Here are the video highlights - They must be my kids - it is in their blood to perform and I never told them that I used to do this...Oh, and on the first song where the lights are off, it is because the song is Fireflies.  Any other time the light is off in the video it is because Ava refused to dance with the lights on.  She is such a little Diva - you will see, Jasmine finds it very hard to work with her!


Erin said...

These are some great points. I'd like to do a cruise someday and I'll definitely chat w/ you beforehand. :-)