Monday, July 5, 2010

Luray Caverns

The day after the fourth we decided to go to Luray Caverns since it was a day off for Lorne and we love family time. I had never been and it is only 2 hours away from the house.It is in a lovely area of Virginia and it is amazing to think what is below the surface of the Earth. They have everything there very well organized and we arrived a perfect time when we could just literally walk right in without having to wait in line. When we came out of the caverns, there was a very very long line.The caverns themselves were amazing - the formations and the way it was lit was just spectacular. We got to listen to an audio tour and learn all about the caverns - if you have never been, when you come to visit, ask us to take you and you can hear all about it. It is nice and cool down there - about 50 degrees and so it was a welcome break from the intense heat and sun.
They had a cool stalactite organ and we got to hear it play a song. Jasmine really enjoyed listening to the child tour and she was great at pointing out the formations they would tell her about on the recording.I loved Dream Lake - where the water was so still it perfectly reflected the formations and it was a total eye and mind trick. I also loved the Wishing well - the water is naturally that color and they take the money people throw in and donate it to charity each year.After the caverns, we had lunch at the cafe and then took a tour of the car museum they had. They had some amazing cars and transportation vehicles from a long time ago. I enjoyed looking at them more than I thought I would.They had one more museum on site that we got to tour - that was a historical Luray museum. It was nice and they had some interesting contraptions - like a dog run butter churn.
We had a really great time in Luray and recommend it for anyone looking for something fun to do that is easy with kids.


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