Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting out of Town

After all the stress of getting cupcake day done, I decided it was time for the family to hit the road and have a little vacation. We are so blessed to have Laura as our friend and she and her parents graciously offered their house in New Hampshire for us to use for a week. We were so excited.
Lorne had to be in Philadelphia for an all day meeting the day after Occasionally Cake Cupcake Day so we decided to go up with him. While he was in training, we found something fun to do.
I have always wanted to take Jasmine to the Crayola Factory and it was only an hour from where Lorne had his meeting so we dropped him off and then we went to the Factory.It was super fun and they had all things artsy there. We got to play with all kinds of crayon stuff and we got a few freebies too.They did a cool little demo on how they make the crayons and I thought it was super interesting. Jasmine and Ava had a blast. Ava got into the sidewalk chalk and the modeling clay. She even did a little coloring.Jasmine did it all and then some! She was so so happy to try everything and she got to bring home some fun art projects.I think even Jan enjoyed it. For me, the best part was seeing my kids happy and spending time with them - there is nothing else better in the whole entire world.