Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jasmine at the Bakery

Jasmine also has to spend quite a bit of time with me at the bakery and this can get difficult for a little girl who wants to be outside playing or going on playdates with her friends. We have tried to make it easier on her by having a space just for her to do fun things like watch movies, do arts and crafts and we have also given her a few jobs to do.
Jasmine is responsible for putting the bags of powdered sugar in the bin when Daddy brings them from the store. She is careful with the bags and makes sure they are flat and gets as many in as possible. I think this is bat because each bag weighs 7 pounds.
Also, we occasionally let her help in other ways too. She loves to sprinkle the cinnamon on top of the apple pie cupcakes and do any other small tasks that we ask her to do. She does each task with concentration and seriousness. It is super cute to watch. Don't worry, she washes her hands before she helps with any food!