Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ohio Adventures - Day 1

No sooner had we said goodbye to Washington and The Childs and Menzies and come back to Virginia, that we were unpacking and packing again for another trip. This time to see Amy and Steven Solis. Amy is a dear friend of mine from my Ohio State days and was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I in her first one. Since her first marriage didn't stick so well, she went back for another chance and she found her prince.They were married in a small ceremony with family only and then had a reception a few weeks later for the rest of us to attend. Amy asked me to do her wedding cake or cakes as it were and so the night I got back from our Washington trip, I worked late into the night to make these two cakes for them. Marcia also helped!Friday night, the 31st, we packed the girls, our things and the cakes in the car and drove into the night to arrive on Saturday morning at 5:30 AM with the cakes having survived a 7 hour drive. We were relived, checked into a hotel and slept for a few hours before delivering the cakes safe and sound to the reception location.We spent the day running errands as a family and preparing to attend the evening reception. It was obviously Hawaiian themed and so we dressed in our best Hawaiian clothes. Even little Ava got in on the Hawaiian action.The event was fun - we had good food, they cut the cake, they danced and we took pictures. It was so nice to be able to be there and experience the happiness my friend was feeling with her. I am so pleased that she is happy and that she has found someone that makes her heart sing. I like her new husband a lot and I look forward to seeing them again and spending more time getting to know them as a couple.


Cindy said...

Love the cakes. What fun!

Libbyann78 said...

One day you'll be writing a blog about my second wedding! Very fun! Was the reception in a school? My parents (also a 2nd marriage) had theirs in the elementary school's cafeteria!